Welcome to Fall 2018!

FIU campusOn Sunday, Aug. 19, President Mark B. Rosenberg shared the following message with the FIU community. 
Dear FIU family,
Welcome to fall! Here we are again at one of the most exciting times of year – the new semester lays before us full of hope and possibility!
Because of our FIU family, this university is the shape of things to come! We’re putting learner success first – above all else – and making sure our students are successful, “Finish in 4” and graduate on time! Our work is paying off! The Florida Board of Governors (BOG) recently released the performance based funding scores and FIU ranked second among public universities in the state! One of the BOG’s metrics we made significant progress on is our four-year graduation rate! Let’s use this to motivate us to do more – so we can get to number one in the rankings!
We’re also focused on moving from a more traditional institution of higher education to a more 21st century lifelong learner institution of higher education. As you know, technological advances and the rise of artificial intelligence are transforming society and revolutionizing everything – how we communicate, work and play. To stay ahead of the change, higher educational institutions must no longer just educate students. That is a linear term that insinuates an end. Instead, we must broaden our research and transition to a new mindset that prioritizes lifelong learning and delivers a personalized learning experience.
This fall, we’re introducing degree programs to keep our students’ and alumni’s skills relevant in the ever-changing world of work. For example, our new Master of Accounting with a specialization in analytics will prepare accounting professionals to understand and use big data.
Make no mistake: We have a great fall ahead of us, because we have a lot to be proud of!

It’s the support from our talented students and graduates, our outstanding faculty and professional staff and our community supporters that is taking us to our next horizon! I know this is going to be an amazing academic year… Now, let’s go!
This post “Welcome to Fall 2018!” was originally published on FIU News.