Battle of the Blues Donation Form


Battle of the Blues is an exciting two-week competition between the alumni of FAU and FIU.
Young alumni from both universities will battle it out by giving back to the programs at their schools that matter most to them. The university that comes closest to achieving their goal will be this year’s Battle of the Blues winner.
Last year, FIU won the Battle of the Blues. Can our young alumni score another touchdown or will FAU’s alumni take home the victory? The outcome is in your hands!
Join your FIU family on October 1 for a pre-game happy hour! Alumni and friends will receive early access to the stadium, tailgate appetizers and drinks, including Stella Artois and Shock Top. Then, get ready – the winning school will be announced at the game. Rally behind your team and enjoy some friendly competition as we face off against FAU!
Show your school spirit by making a gift or buying a ticket today!

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