FIU Cuba Poll: Most Cuban Americans support President Trump and his policies, will vote to re-elect him

–By Madeline Baro for FIU News A majority of Cuban Americans support President Donald Trump and plan to vote for him in November, according to the latest FIU Cuba Poll. They gave Trump high marks on his handling of key national issues such as the COVID-19 crisis, immigration, health care, Cuba policy, China policy and the […]

CasaCuba: a home for all things Cuban at FIU

The Knight Foundation provides seed funding A group of Cuban-American community leaders has stepped forward to support “CasaCuba,” an initiative that brings together all things Cuban at FIU. The initiative will harness FIU’s prestigious scholarly and cultural resources to activate its extensive Cuban collections for scholars and the public, with the eventual goal of constructing […]

Travel grants offer scholars chance to explore Cuban culture

For more than 10 years, FIU Libraries, the Cuban Research Institute (CRI), and the Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center have offered Díaz-Ayala Library travel grants to scholars interested in studying the university’s special collections related to Cuba and Cuban Americans. The grants provide the opportunity to conduct research on Cuba and the Cuban diaspora, an opportunity […]