Unleashing the “Aha!” moment: STEM education transformed

The STEM Transformation Institute has redesigned the education experience, creating a model for the rest of the nation –By Ayleen Barbel Fattal for FIU Magazine At 19, Laird Kramer saw himself as an accountant. One of his college professors saw a physicist. Kramer was good with numbers so he enrolled as an accounting major at […]

To keep students interested in physics, have them interact

FIU physics professor in active learning classroom
Social butterflies may be more likely to continue studying science, technology, engineering, and math and ultimately take up a STEM career, according to new research. The study, conducted by FIU post-doctoral researcher Justyna P. Zwolak and alumnus Remy Dou, was published recently in the journal Physical Review of Physics Educational Research and was listed in […]