Researcher is thirsty for sustainable Everglades

Small-scale droughts can have big effects on the Florida Everglades. Ph.D. student Anteneh Abiy is digging deep into these abnormally low rainfall events. He doesn’t have to do go too far into weather data to begin his work. 2017 was drier than usual. The Everglades received 6 inches of rainfall less than the annual average. […]

CyberCorps pays for students’ education, gives them job opportunities

Leonardo Babun can’t wait to face challenging cybersecurity projects once he graduates. And thanks to a new scholarship-for-service program that gives him the necessary tools and training to be successful, he’ll have multiple opportunities to work for the U.S. government. Ten years ago, Babun — a doctoral student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering […]

FIU to collaborate on health breakthroughs through NSF Engineering Research Centers

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has invested nearly $80 million total to create four new Engineering Research Centers (ERCs) to address national challenges in health and energy sustainability, and FIU is part of two of the pioneering centers. The process of being named an ERC is highly competitive. NSF chose four out of more than 200 applicants. “The […]

From immigrant to NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Marcela Jaramillo FIU
Born and raised in Colombia, Marcela Jaramillo was exposed to the beauty of nature from early childhood. She spent her youth taking walks with her grandfather and admiring nature. Those walks made her feel happy, complete, and opened her eyes to the scientific world. Before these accomplishments, Jaramillo experienced several challenges that helped shape the […]

FIU McNair Scholar graduates at 53, awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Claire Scott-Bacon FIU
Few would challenge that Claire Scott-Bacon ’16 is an inspiration. Balancing immigration, marriage, divorce, and raising two boys, Scott-Bacon enrolled in college at 48. She defeated all odds and is on her way to becoming Dr. Scott-Bacon. Scott-Bacon took a chance and applied to the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program at FIU in 2015. Her leap […]

Scientists develop new tool to assess oil spills

Scientists are getting an entirely new perspective of what happens to oil in a spill, thanks to a tool developed by FIU researchers. Little is known about the chemical make-up of oil and how it acts when it mixes with seawater or sunlight during a spill. But by combining techniques to create one powerful instrument, […]

Researchers learn how to take an idea from lab to market

DeNovo Biodevice
Sharan Ramaswamy designed a device that mimics human circulation in which cells and tissues can be grown. The technology enables researchers to study three-dimensional human tissues, and as a result, identify new, more effective treatments for cardiovascular diseases. Currently, the medical community relies on animals for testing, but this innovative device has the potential to […]