Wearable sensor helps people keep tabs on drinking

FIU engineers create wearable alcohol sensor
Electrical engineers are creating a wearable sensor to help people manage their alcohol intake. Activity trackers monitor your steps; this innovative sensor measures your blood alcohol level. Worn like a watch, this sensor picks up vapors from the skin and sends the data to a server. If the alcohol reading is high, a designated loved […]

Scientists develop new tool to assess oil spills

Scientists are getting an entirely new perspective of what happens to oil in a spill, thanks to a tool developed by FIU researchers. Little is known about the chemical make-up of oil and how it acts when it mixes with seawater or sunlight during a spill. But by combining techniques to create one powerful instrument, […]

To keep students interested in physics, have them interact

FIU physics professor in active learning classroom
Social butterflies may be more likely to continue studying science, technology, engineering, and math and ultimately take up a STEM career, according to new research. The study, conducted by FIU post-doctoral researcher Justyna P. Zwolak and alumnus Remy Dou, was published recently in the journal Physical Review of Physics Educational Research and was listed in […]

Scientists study portion of Everglades closed to people for decades

Shark in Joe Bay
After nearly 40 years of being closed off to the public, visitors to Everglades National Park can now explore Joe Bay. Joe Bay is one of the Everglades’ main sources of freshwater. Closing it was key in helping the American crocodile recover from extinction. But the long-untouched Joe Bay, along with nearby Snag Bay, is […]

FIU Celebrates Successful Partnership with Knight Arts Challenge Miami

Knight Arts Challenge Miami
For 10 years, the Knight Arts Challenge Miami has provided funding for winning ideas that have sought to challenge and enrich our community through the arts. In 2017 alone, the Knight Arts Challenge will award a total of $7.8 million to new ideas in four different cities, including Miami. As a frequent entrant to the […]

Student team competes in regionals of $1 million Hult Prize

FIU Hult Prize Team
An all-female team working to restore dignity to millions of women refugees around the world was in Boston March 3-5 pitching its idea as part of the 2017 Hult Prize, the world’s largest student competition. While the four FIU students narrowly missed making the final round of the annual global competition that awards $1 million […]

Aerial drones reveal sharks in shallow water

FIU Researcher Jeremy Kiszka
  Answers about shark populations could come from the skies, new research finds. Using drones, a team of researchers from FIU recently completed a survey of sharks and rays in a shallow coral lagoon along the island of Mo’orea in French Polynesia. The project could be a game-changer for scientists and conservation agencies that often […]

Researchers learn how to take an idea from lab to market

DeNovo Biodevice
Sharan Ramaswamy designed a device that mimics human circulation in which cells and tissues can be grown. The technology enables researchers to study three-dimensional human tissues, and as a result, identify new, more effective treatments for cardiovascular diseases. Currently, the medical community relies on animals for testing, but this innovative device has the potential to […]

Study of young NFL players shows brain damage from sustained head trauma occurs earlier than previously thought

Comparison of brain of NFL player to healthy brain
A team of researchers has gathered evidence that neuroinflammation, a swelling of the brain that plays a critical role in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, is present at a much younger age than previously thought in athletes who experience repetitive mild traumatic brain injury. The presence of chronic neuroinflammation in the brain […]

New device could save glaucoma patients’ eyesight

Device for early intervention against glaucoma
People with high-risk glaucoma will be able to monitor their disease—anywhere, anytime—thanks to a new device developed by an FIU professor. S.S. Iyengar (Ram Iyengar), director and Ryder professor of the School of Computing and Information Sciences within the College of Engineering and Computing, was just awarded a patent, along with co-inventors, for a tool […]